Ultimez Announces Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions

Ultimez Technology, one of the top Web and Branding solution company is announcing cryptocurrency Payment Services. The announcement supports eight cryptocurrencies including Dash Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Verge Coin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, Litecoin and more to come. Details are available here – https://ultimez.com/crypto-web-service/ The green graph of cryptocurrency market has become the hot investment strategy for individuals, traders and business tycoons. Given the crypto interest and demand, businesses and startups are emerging into the era of decentralized payment system – as such, one of the top Web brands, Ultimez Technology is announcing a new crypto payment. Ultimez Technology Pvt.Ltd., founded by … Continue reading Ultimez Announces Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions

Client Satisfaction is Ultimez’s Motto

Our growth is determined by our clients. Every project at Ultimez initiates with in-depth understanding of client’s requirement, researching an advanced methodology and proceeding to develop it in a most satisfactory way.   We are inspired with client’s confidence on our service- which is our key strength. Ultimez Technology is a name for ULTIMATE AND AMAZING technology solutions. Be it small, medium or large enterprise, our services are designed to serve satisfactory solutions to all.  Technology Services Ultimez Provides: Unique Web Design Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design  Logo Design and Graphic Design  Web Development  Ecommerce Design and Development  Magento Development  PHP Development  Joomla … Continue reading Client Satisfaction is Ultimez’s Motto

Do and don’ts of website design

It’s a core responsibility of each and every web designer to be aware of specific items while creating a website. Sales are the one important thing for the average person who wants a website for his/her business so they may ask for the big logos or overdone textures but it’s the job of an expert web designer to guide their clients in the right way. Here are the most important Do’s and Don’ts of web design: Do- know your audience and design for them: It’s very crucial to know your audience but never design and develop your site only in … Continue reading Do and don’ts of website design

Necessity and essentials of creating user-friendly URLs

Have you ever come across with the very helpful website but with the frustrating URL? Usually, we come across the website which is attractive but the URL with those jumbled letters, numbers and characters are enough to mystify the visitors for their next visit. Such complicated URL destroys brand reputation as well as make intricate for search engines to rank you higher. Here in this article, I will be notifying the importance of a user-friendly URL and its provisions. What are the user-friendly URLs? User-friendly URLs consist of relevant and informative keywords Easy to remember Explanatory Improves the relevancy in … Continue reading Necessity and essentials of creating user-friendly URLs

Icons to boost user experience | Ultimez

Icons are an obligatory part of user interfaces, actions, idea, and visually expressing objects. Icon takes less space but needs to be done correctly, they converse the core idea and intent of a product or action. The very first job of every icon is to guide the users where they need to go. Here in this article, I would like to discover few useful benefits of how icons can be user-friendly. They are with enough size which can be easily touched in a finger friendly UI. Icons can be condensed enough to display more content on small space. Icons are … Continue reading Icons to boost user experience | Ultimez

Website usability as the biggest turning point

Website usability is an important perception in web design which sometimes overlooked. In other words, it resides in building a site which is effortless, fun and consistent for users so that they can benefit from using a site and make the most of it to fulfill their needs. People will always turn off with the website which seems to be trouble using therefore it has an important to be considered for those companies who wants to build their brand loyalty and attract customers. The importance of website usability: The key feature in website usability is ease of navigation which means … Continue reading Website usability as the biggest turning point

How graphic design helps web promotion

Professional graphic designs can be an integral step in the process of establishing and maintaining a successful business. The below points punctuate how can graphic design helps to promote your business. Brand Recognition: It’s all starts with a great logo and boom to each and every aspect of your business. The design must be able to reach the audience in a way that is professional, attractive and functional. Your excellent graphic design must have that ability to provide an instant connection to your products and services offered. Professionalism: When you want to have a good first impression on clients- a … Continue reading How graphic design helps web promotion