Instagram’s “All Caught Up” Feature Is Here & It Will Save You Time

When you scroll your Instagram feed, you may often wonder if you’ve seen all new posts posted since your last visit. Right???

Don’t fret over it now!. Instagram has recently open up an unique way that helps user to keep track their news feed and limit notifications.

On July 2, Instagram announced the launch of its new feature ‘You’re all caught up’. Currently, Instagram is showing a pop-up message for group of users once user have browsed through their timeline, which says, “You’re All Caught Up — You’ve seen all new post from the past 48 hours.”

This feature will notify after you end up seeing all posts uploaded in last 48 hours. Keeping a record on your seen posts on Instagram is not simple. However, with this new feature you won’t be missing any new post of your feed.

The notification appears as a simple blue tick mark enclosed in a circle, with ‘You’re All Caught Up’ message on the screen. Also, it shows the line that clearly indicates the partition between old and new posts.

Though, it is still unclear whether this feature shows all posts from last two days or the best ones that algorithm decides.

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