Instagram Introduces @Mention Sharing Feature

Imagine if your friend just uploaded a picture by tagging you on his story and you desperately want to repost! You may end up just taking a snip and then uploading on your story separately.

But. but. but!!!!

Instagram has got a perfect solution for this. Instead of taking a screenshot and posting it as your story, now you can repost/reshare the stories your tagged in with Instagram’s @mention sharing feature


Previously, sharing other user’s stories could only be done through direct messages. This is the first time Instagram is allowing to share other user’s stories publicly.

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When you’re tagged in any post, you receive a notification via direct message with the option to share a photo or video to your own story. Moreover, you can also add your own filters to other’s stories by editing them with stickers , text, drawings or any other creative tools.

Later, When your followers see your story, the username of the person who had originally posted it will appear on your story. Additionally this feature allow your followers to even check out your friend’s profile.

At present, the update is available on iOS and Android for Instagram version 48.


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