Ultimez Adapted Dash Cryptocurrency For Web Services!

Ultimez Dash Cryptocurrency

Dash- Digital Cash is amongst the most promising alternative coins to Bitcoin, growing at a fast pace in the crypto economy. Being an open source decentralized electronic cash, Dash has its own blockchain. This crypto has been integrated into business financial platforms, hence allowing clients with online Dash payment as well as in-store.

There are over thousands and millions of merchants accepting Crypto payments worldwide. One of the recent names added to the list is “Ultimez Technology”.

Ultimez Technology recently announced the acceptance of Dash payments for their services along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Verge, NEO, and Ripple as a payment option. Additionally, this gives our international clients a wide variety of payment methods to select any of their choices.

Why DASH Coins?

Dash enhances multipurpose functionalities and incredible facets.

  • It has advanced encryption and a trustless protocol to process the payment
  • Maximum supply is capped
  • 2-tier system of miners & master nodes is liable for guarding the network.
  • The new block starts mining more or less every 2 and a half minutes.
  • You can transfer money anywhere with cheap fees and the rapid speed as if you are transferring amount next door!

Market Capitalization

The total circulating supply of DASH is approx. 8,082,772, where the maximum supply is 18,900,000. Therefore, the market capitalization rounds off to $3,227,854,901.

June 2017, Dash was the seventh (7th) most valuable cryptocurrency according to market capitalization.

What Dash Web Service Offers The Clients?

Dash coins are already uniting with a number of online businesses, and the majority of online stores currently accepts Dash for web service. A bonus feature- the transactions execute instantly as there are no risks.

For any crypto trader, transaction time serves as an influencing factor. Nevertheless, dash offers its users with special attributes like “Instasend” and “PrivateSend”, designed to ensure a total anonymity according to the blockchain standards.

“Ultimez is an expert in web design and Development sectors which has already started offering services for digital currency and supports the world’s largest base of cryptocurrency for their services.

However, we’re excited to bring the sake of DASH coins with low cost and instant transactions for our clients. Apart from PayPal, bank transfers and online payments, we have added cryptocurrency payment to ease the extra efforts.”

–          CEO of Ultimez Technology, AK Qadir

Dash  Payment for Design, Development, and Branding!

Ultimez has brought a huge array of services where you can hastily invest your coins and we assure that the service provided is exceptional.  Furthermore, let’s count down the services:

  •        Graphics Designing
  •        Web Development and Website Design
  •        Digital Branding Solutions
  •        E-commerce Development
  •        Crypto-related Services

Moreover, there are the majority of options in your bucket with variations. Now, just the need is how you can reach the services…

Have a query? Discuss personally with the team!

Ultimez offers a special ticketing system for the international clients and the regular ones where you just have to submit a ticket. However, the process is simple and straightforward!

In the coming future, the digital environment is going to evolve, therefore stay tuned with Ultimez moreover remain updated with the crypto revolution!

If you are in search of the dash for web service, you are at the right place! Let’s connect at crypto@ultimez.com

Our Tweets will keep you alert on the latest updates…. Join us @Ultimez


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