Do and don’ts of website design

It’s a core responsibility of each and every web designer to be aware of specific items while creating a website. Sales are the one important thing for the average person who wants a website for his/her business so they may ask for the big logos or overdone textures but it’s the job of an expert web designer to guide their clients in the right way.

Here are the most important Do’s and Don’ts of web design:

  • Do- know your audience and design for them: It’s very crucial to know your audience but never design and develop your site only in your own analysis instead design with the user perceptive. If the information is obscured or not easily localized then users tend to forsake and feel annoyed with a brand.
  • Don’t-Fill with irrelevant content: This will not only make a website look directionless and jumbled up but it will also take away the main focus of your website’s goal. You need to ensure your clients that they know what they are going to get from their 1st click itself. So never fill your website with irrelevant content such as discrete ads will prove to be an irritant for those clients who are willing to buy.
  • Do- Focus on Search Engine Optimization: The beautifully designed website really doesn’t matter if there is no proper SEO. So you need to be focused on all the SEO metrics like from page loading speed, H tags, fresh and relevant content, keywords and much more. This will result in gaining more organic traffic and rank high on search engine.
  • Don’t- Include images for everything: If more images then your website tend to slow down its loading time instead you can include “text” on all your web pages and this can be an opportunity to convey your message. So include only necessary images so you can improve your site loading time and readability.
  • Do- makes your design look attractive: It’s natural that we all attracted to pretty things. So make sure that your website textures or gradients used to draw attention to how beautiful the overall design is because an ugly design will simply put off your visitors instantly and judge your brand by your web design.
  • Don’t- stuff with keywords: Content should flow naturally and informative with the properly mentioned keywords where ever they fit because Google does hate such, it will read poorly and also you will be penalized. So stuff your keywords wisely.

Sometimes, these do’s and don’ts of web design may seem to be simple enough but they can break or make your website. Do let us know how useful this article was.

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