Necessity and essentials of creating user-friendly URLs

Have you ever come across with the very helpful website but with the frustrating URL? Usually, we come across the website which is attractive but the URL with those jumbled letters, numbers and characters are enough to mystify the visitors for their next visit. Such complicated URL destroys brand reputation as well as make intricate for search engines to rank you higher. Here in this article, I will be notifying the importance of a user-friendly URL and its provisions.

What are the user-friendly URLs?

User-friendly URLs consist of relevant and informative keywords

  • Easy to remember
  • Explanatory
  • Improves the relevancy in the Search Engine.

Here are the imperative steps to be considered while creating the user-friendly URLs:

Be leisurely: The rush or the urgency while creating URLs for web pages is the common mistake that webmasters do but one must allocate sufficient time to think about the prospect significance of the website URL.

Consistent and Descriptive: The well descriptive URL can help a user to understand your content’s primary source. On the other hand, to keep URL consistent, you need to directory structure first and figure out descriptive URLs later.

Relevancy through keywords: The URLs and the directory structure must be short and logical with no keyword stuffing because including relevant keywords is the positive move from the search engine view.

Know about SEO friendly URL

Modern URL strategies: Once you execute with the basic improvements of user friendly URLs now it’s time for implement the strategies like XML sitemaps, 404 handling, 301 redirects and much more. According to search engine exploiting the modern strategies can make things more satisfying.

Conclusion: Hope now you are able to realize the importance of user-friendly URLs. Every company must implement the user-friendly URLs because of the complexity of the web that makes difficulty in grasping for the user.

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