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Icons are an obligatory part of user interfaces, actions, idea, and visually expressing objects. Icon takes less space but needs to be done correctly, they converse the core idea and intent of a product or action.


The very first job of every icon is to guide the users where they need to go. Here in this article, I would like to discover few useful benefits of how icons can be user-friendly.

  • They are with enough size which can be easily touched in a finger friendly UI.
  • Icons can be condensed enough to display more content on small space.
  • Icons are fast to recognize at a first sight.
  • There is no need to translate icons for international users
  • Icons improve the visual appeal of a design.

 Types of Icons: As I mentioned above, icons are the visual representation of an object, idea or action. If that object is not with good functional and clear to the user then it will hinder users from completing their task. They are 3 types of icons:

  • Universal Icons
  • Conflicting icons
  • Unique icons

Now, let’s focus on each type and its impact on UX.

  1. Universal Icons: Those icons which enjoy universal recognition from users like home, print and the shopping cart. But the problem is that these icons are rare and continue to be indefinite to users because of their involvement with unusual meaning across various interfaces.
  2. Conflicting icons: the best examples for conflict icons can be said are heart icon and star icon which are complete with each other but do vary from app to app with their associated functionality. So these icons are hard to understand exactly as they are confusing and this may obstruct user’s understanding of these icons and put off them to use in future.
  3. Unique Icons: let an icon make how much ever sense, once you know what it’s supposed to symbolize then can be an utterly different experience for the 1st time users.

Do follow these guidelines if you use icons in your apps and make easy to recognize and memorable:

  • Icons having conflicting meaning must be avoided.
  • Keep them schematic and simple.
  • Use labels wherever it is necessary that would help the user.
  • Keep testing the icons for both memorability and recognizability.

Each and every icon should serve a purpose, whether it might for a website or an app. If the work is done in a right way, icons will help users spontaneously through a workflow.

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