How often should you update your website blog?

Blogging is like a pouring water to plants, the more you pour to more greener it looks.



There is no particular formula of successful blogging that how often you should post there? But there are guidelines that can be implied on every blog. A good company blog has much remuneration. Several owners might want to know the answer for how often they should update their blog. Because the major search engines reward fresh content, it is important to keep a blog fresh. The main question arises is why a Blog is crucial, here is one article which speaks why you must have blog page for your website?

Posting one time per week: Posting blog every week is appearing to be working quite well, businesses create a new blog post and add it their websites blog and small business are been doing it for this quite sometimes and which has worked well. It is beneficial for maintaining customer relationships. It is considered as call wherein that call has sent to all your profitable, potential customers. This almost has become ritual as customers will check back at least once per week in which the website owner can include useful updates and relevant information to their potential readers.

Get a feel for content: a Weekly post can build a valuable skill for website owners by which they are enabled to think about how they can provide more value to their customers additionally it can also be a competitive advantage.

What about every other week: Many businesses would like to post every other week even though it’s up to them that they can post as often as they want, but posting once per week seems to be much effective.

Grow business with frequently blogging: There is always a significant impact on business growth with frequently blogging which attracts more traffics and leads. We have come up with the study that business that blog more than 15 times every month can have as much as 5 times more traffic compared to those company that don’t.

Here is list of things to remember when considering how often you should update your company’s blog:

  • Think about what the aim of the blog is.
  • Simple: Blogging means more traffic.
  • Know when enough is enough.
  • Schedule a routine which is maintainable.
  • Keep up the hard work.
  • Ensure about Quality and Quantity.
  • There must be reviews and more improvements.

You will be on your way to increasing traffic, encouraging customers and building your site’s authority.

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