How does PHP differ from other technology?

PHP is a popular scripting language which is widely used by developers to build application and websites like ASP, CGI, and Perl. PHP is used for WordPress and even Facebook utilizes PHP. It always comes with a certain level of credibility and popularity.


PHP is one of the most in- demand skills that each and every developer should adopt. Below are some top reasons why to choose PHP scripting language.

 Easy to learn and simple: PHP is easy to learn as it is similar to C and Java to an extent. Even the developers having only knowledge of HTML, opting for PHP is still fair enough and easy to grasp.

 Quality Support: There will be no stuck with the coding issues for developers since there is an easy flow of finding help or documentation for PHP online as it is widely used and popular. The best part is the free support through forums, PDFs, blogs and social media. It has the largest user base of any scripting language while it can also contribute to the larger community of PHP, Apache, and MySOL.

 Freedom and Flexibility: As mentioned above PHP is an open source which allows you to use any text editor for coding including jEdit, Notebook++, Emacs etc. It is free from restrictions to develop a unique app. PHP can also run on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, UNIX.

 Integration: PHP has the ability to have power over 30% of the web. It is used for so many web applications to integrate such as Memcache, MongoDB, and Pusher. PHP applications are some mode including IT companies, Hospitals, Government, and Banking.

 Scalability: This word means a lot in the world of IT. Scalability is never a bad thing whenever you’re dealing with hosting, databases or may be programming. PHP allows you to enhance your cluster size by adding servers. It’s a great platform to grow more.

 Speed: PHP always retains speed without slowing down other processes while used with other software too. It has the capability to operate much faster than other scripting languages. PHP is considered has mature language and fairly stable

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